Preet 649 TMC Harvester
Preet 649 TMC Harvester

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Preet 649 TMC Features & Specifications 2022

Buy Preet 649 TMC Combine Harvester

Preet 649 TMC is a highly advanced and powerful combine harvester model by Preet group. It is a Tractor Mounted power source combine harvester. Preet 649 TMC crop harvester can efficiently perform every farming task. Preet 649 TMC is a best farming combine harvester which ensures a highly profitable farming business.

Preet 649 TMC Harvester in India With Specifications

Some are the key features of a Preet 649 TMC modern combine harvester. It includes:-

  • Preet 649 TMC is a Tractor Mounted combine harvester machine.
  • Preet 649 TMC is implemented with , which makes it more sturdy.
  • Preet 649 TMC crop harvester machine comes with Multicrop high quality knife blades.
  • 3.65 Cutter bar – width makes the Preet 649 TMC agriculture combine harvester more valuable.

Preet 649 TMC Price In India

Because of the Preet 649 TMC combine harvester’s affordable price, it becomes the farmer’s first and perfect choice.

For more information regarding Preet 649 TMC combine harvester, stay connected with TractorFirst.

Technical Specification 
Power Mover  60/75HP
No. of Cylinders 4
Cooling System Dry 
Cutter Bar Mechanism 
Width 3.65 m
Cutting Height (mm) 60-1350
No. of Blades  49
No. of Gaurds  42
Stroke (mm) 86
Reel Speed  30
Reel Dia (mm) 915
Feeder housing  Chain Type Feedback 
Threshing Mechanism 
Thresher Drum   
Width (mm) 1140
Diameter of Thresher Drum (mm) 605
Speed (rpm) 650
Clearance  Wheat  Front 17mm, Rear 6-10,
Paddy Front 17mm, Rear 17mm
Adjustment  Mechanical 
Cleaning Sieves
Upper Sieve Area (m2)
Lower Sieve Area (m2)
Straw Walker 
No. of Straw Walker  5
No. of Steps  5
Length (mm) 3600
width (mm) 210
Grain Tank (m3) 1.15
Tyre  Size Piy Rating 
Front 16.9-28 12
Rear 6.5 8
Dimension (Approx) Working  Transport
Length (mm) 8400 11000
Width (mm) 5250 2580
Height (mm) 3850 3850
Ground Clearance  500
Total Weight (kg.Approx) 7010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Preet 649 TMC harvester comes in Tractor Mounted power source.

Ans. Get price of Preet 649 TMC harvester at TractorFirst.

Ans. TractorFirst is the best online platform to get the information of Preet 649 TMC harvester.

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