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Preet tractor company is the most popular tractor and farm implement manufacturer started their business in 1980. They offer the best agriculture equipment and tractors in India. The Preet tractor price list in India starts from Rs. 3.80 Lakh goes up to Rs. 22.10 Lakh. It produces many economic models but the Preet 2549 tractor is very affordable, which price starts at Rs. 3.80 Lakh* in India. It provides an extensive range of 25 tractor models in India, and the HP range begins from  25 hp to 90 hp. Preet is the most favourable tractor for Indian farmers. The most admired Preet tractor models are Preet 6049, Preet 4549, Preet 3549 and many more. Get online Preet tractor price at TractorFirst.



Preet 955 Rs. 6.52-6.92 Lac*
Preet 3549 Rs. 5.00-5.45 Lac*
Preet 4549 Rs. 5.85 Lac*
Preet 6049 Rs. 6.25-6.60 Lac*
Preet 6549 Rs. 7.00-7.50 Lac*
Preet 7549 - 4WD Rs. 11.10-11.90 Lac*
Preet 9049 - 4WD Rs. 15.50-16.20 Lac*
Preet 2549 Rs. 3.80-4.30 Lac*
Preet 3049 Rs. 4.60-4.90 Lac*
Preet 4049 Rs. 4.80-5.10 Lac*

Preet Tractor Models 2021

Preet 6049

  • 60 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 4087 CC

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Preet 3549

  • 35 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 2781 CC

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Preet 4549

  • 45 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 2892 CC

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Preet 955

  • 50 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 3066 CC

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Preet 4049 4WD

  • 40 HP
  • 4 WD
  • 2892 CC

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Preet 6049 4WD

  • 60 HP
  • 4 WD
  • 4087 CC

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Preet 2549

  • 25 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 1854 CC

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Preet 4049

  • 40 HP
  • 2 WD
  • 2892 CC

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Preet 10049 4WD

  • 100 HP
  • 4 WD
  • 4087 CC

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star 5 Surjan Posted on : 01/09/2021

Tamatar ki kheti ke sabse acha tractor hai Preet kyuki iska engine ubad khabad fields m bahut madad karta hai. Saath hi iska engine bhi bahut strong jo humesh kehti m madad kerti h.

star 3 Ranveer Posted on : 01/09/2021

Preet tractor ek dum budget-friendly tractor hai aur iss company ki service bhi bahut achi hai. Is tractor ka design aur look mujhe sabse jayada attracts karta hai.

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Information About Preet Tractors

Preet Tractor Overview 

Preet tractor always works for the Indian farmers. Mr Hari Singh founded the company Preet in 1980 as a tractor and mechanical repair workshop. Later, he changed the workshop name to PREET Agro Industries and started manufacturing agriculture equipment. And, in 1986, the company launched PREET 987 Self Propelled Combine Harvester. This harvester is a turning point for the company. The company comes in manufacturing best in class agriculture implements and tractors. They provide effective products at a cost effective price. Preet tractor price is too affordable that every farmer can easily buy. 

Achievements of Preet Tractor Company 

Preet Tractor provided quality products and won the hearts of farmers. With winning hearts, they also won many awards for providing the best services. Following, we provide a year wise table for clear understanding. 

Year Award
2009 SME AWARD 2009

Other than this, Preet Tractor won Canara Bank Award and Business Wizards Award. 

Preet Tractor USP 

Preet tractor all models come with extra advanced features that enhance productivity. Farmers have an irreplaceable trust in Preet as these help them to increase their income. Preet produces farm implements, tractors, Preet mini tractor models, and combine harvesters. Following, we are showing Preet Tractor USP. 

  • Preet company’s first priority is safety. They always focus on the safety of their customers and employees.  

  • They follow a customer centric approach. 

  • Preet produces eco friendly products. 

  • New Preet tractor models are manufactured under the supervision and launched after testing. 

  • The Preet tractor price list is set according to the budget range of the Indian farmers. 

Preet Tractor Product Range

The company provides a wide range of Preet Tractor Models for all purposes. The Preet Tractor Hp range starts from 25 hp to 90 hp. And, Preet tractor price in India starts from Rs. 3.80 Lakh to Rs. 22.10 Lakh. The company provides a total of 25 products with advanced technological solutions. Preet Tractor Product Range Includes;

  • Combine Harvester

  • 2WD Agriculture Tractors

  • 4WD Agriculture Tractors

  • Backhoe Loader

  • Rotavator

  • Baler

Preet Tractor Dealer 

Preet has denoted its essence over 120 nations and has a business organization of more than 350 dealers around the world. Find a Preet Tractor Dealer near your area at TractorFirst. 

Preet Tractor Service Center

Preet Tractor Service Center also has a vast chain and is located in almost all areas. You can easily find a Preet Service Center in your area with TractorFirst. You can get quick and low cost maintenance. 

Preet Tractor Price in India

Preet company provides tractors loaded with advanced features without compromising the price. Each tractor comes at an affordable Preet Tractor price. TractorFirst provides you with a complete Preet tractor price list in India. Here, you can get a fair market price that every farmer can easily afford. Find out the updated Preet tractors price list in India. 

Popular Preet Tractor Models

Below are the top Preet tractor Models in India with price and hp.

Tractor Hp Price
Preet 6049 60 Hp Rs. 7.25 - 7.60 Lakh*
Preet 4549 45 Hp Rs. 5.85 Lakh*
Preet 3549 35 Hp Rs. 5.00 - 5.45 Lakh*
Preet 2549 25 Hp Rs. 3.80 - 4.30 Lakh*
Preet 6049 4WD 60 Hp Rs. 6.80 - 7.30 Lakh*

TractorFirst for Preet Tractors

TractorFirst provides a separate segment for Preet Tractor Models where you can get Preet tractor new model, Preet Mini tractor and many more. With this, you can also get here Preet tractor on road price in India. TractorFirst is an authentic platform that provides genuine information and complete details regarding products in their native language. 

For further details regarding Preet tractors price list 2021, stay connected with TractorFirst. 

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